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Howard Parents Group

Being a working professional and a parent is much easier said than done. Building a career for yourself takes years of education, work, persistence, and a willingness to continually learn. Things change when a professional enters parenthood. Being a parent requires a new kind of mental, emotional, and physical energy, but it’s also a huge […]

Remote Employees’ Transportation and Travel to the Office: Taxable or Nontaxable?

Many businesses are now allowing employees great flexibility to choose their work location. A common work arrangement allows an employee to regularly work remotely (e.g., from their personal residence) and to work in the employer’s office as needed. Employers are asking whether the expenses incurred by the remote employee to travel to the office can […]

Years of Service Celebration: Meet Josh!

Recently, Tax Partner Josh celebrated his one-year anniversary with Howard! As our newest Partner, Josh brings a unique expertise to the table in international tax. He’s widely respected in the Texas tax community, and we feel lucky to have him on our team. Aside from his wealth of knowledge, Josh has proven to be thoughtful, […]

Years of Service Celebration: Meet Otis!

Today we have an extra special team member anniversary – Administrative Assistant Otis is celebrating 30 YEARS with Howard! Otis plays a unique role here, doing banking, running an array of errands, filing dozens of tax files at a time, making late-night post office runs for tax deadlines, and doing anything he can to take […]