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Years of Service Celebration: Meet Emily!

We’re celebrating another team member anniversary today! Emily, our Howard Marketing Specialist, has officially been with the firm for one year. While most of our team serves our clients in Dallas, Texas, Emily does communications work for the firm from Orlando, Florida. Even though she’s not physically with us most days, she’s always excited to […]

Years of Service Celebration: Meet Karin!

Today is Karin’s one-year anniversary with Howard! As our Human Resources Director, Karin is a thoughtful communicator, a professional that puts her heart into her work, an amazing listener, a cheerleader for her peers, and an overall genuine and kind person. She has made a huge mark just within her first year at Howard, aiding […]

The Inflation Reduction Act Becomes Law

President Biden signed the Inflation Reduction Act into law at a White House ceremony on August 16, finalizing a legislation intended to address inflation by paying down the national debt, lower consumer energy costs, provide incentives for the production of clean energy, and reduce healthcare costs. The bill moved through the legislative process in near-record […]

Years of Service Celebration: Meet Debbie!

Today we have another team member milestone- Debbie is celebrating one year at Howard! As a Supervising Senior on our Tax team, Debbie has greatly contributed to our firm just in her first year here. Wherever she sees that firm processes can be improved, she speaks up and gives input so that we all have […]