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Howard Anniversary Celebration: Bryan

We have so many anniversaries this month, and we’re not done yet! It’s time to celebrate Bryan, a Howard Audit Specialist, for his one-year anniversary at the firm! A fun fact about Bryan is that he’s lovingly nicknamed the “workpaper ninja” because he’s known for signing off on huge amounts of work papers in one […]

Howard Anniversary Celebration: Cara

We’re celebrating another Howard anniversary today! Cara, a Howard Audit Analyst, has been a part of our team for one year. To say Cara is a joy to be around is an understatement. She’s eager to build relationships with her fellow team members, continuously grow her knowledge, and teach others what she knows. Learn more […]

Howard Anniversary Celebration: Robert

Today we’re celebrating Robert’s 1-year Howard anniversary! As a Tax Specialist, Robert is well-known for putting the utmost care into the work he does for our clients. In stressful situations, he remains calm, dissects complex problems, and doesn’t shy away from asking for support from his fellow team members. Learn more about Robert’s first year […]

20th Economic Luncheon Hosted By Howard and HFS with Presenter Richard Fisher

The Economic Luncheon is a treasured tradition for Howard and our sister company, HFS. Each year, this is a wonderful time to connect with our clients and listen to an exciting and informational presentation. This year, we were honored to host Richard Fisher, former President and CEO of the Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas, as […]

Howard Anniversary Celebration: Amber

We’re thrilled to celebrate the 1-year anniversary of Amber, a Howard Supervising Senior on our Audit Team! There’s so much to love about Amber – she’s a caring team member always eager to help, a mom who’s always pursuing the life work integration that works for her family, and a passionate professional who encourages students […]