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Accounting for a Cause: Supporting Dallas Dog-Rescue.Rehab.Reform

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At Howard, we recognize that each of our team members have unique passions outside of the office, including causes and organizations that are close to their hearts. With this in mind, our Partners decided to choose one of these causes to support this year. In the spring, we asked each team member to list a nonprofit they’d like Howard to contribute to and why. We then randomly drew from these incredible organizations and selected one to focus on this year. The winning nonprofit was Dallas Dog-Rescue.Rehab.Reform (Dallas Dog-RRR), chosen by Tammy!


Tammy – Fostering a Relationship with Dallas Dog-RRR

To everyone at Howard, it’s no secret that Accounting Services Member Tammy is a dog lover. She’s always happy to talk about her adorable pups, Dallas, Cooper, and Lorenzo (see them below), and we love to hear about them!

Tammy with Dallas and Cooper

Tammy’s newest edition to her family: Lorenzo

Tammy began supporting Dallas Dog-RRR in 2017, and she’s been an advocate for them since. She regularly donates and has fostered puppies and a pitbull for them too! One of her long-term goals is to become a regular foster for their dogs when she’s retired and can devote more of her time and love to them. In her words, “seeing all the things they do for the animals warms my heart.”

We deeply admire Tammy’s commitment to this organization and taking care of animals in need. In return, we’ve donated $2,000 to Dallas Dog-RRR. The nonprofit uses this money to provide items such as food, medical treatments, and cages to foster homes so that they don’t have to spend any money out of pocket. They take care of the logistics, which makes it easy to open up your home (and your heart) to fostering.

Tammy’s former foster puppies


How You Can Support Dallas Dog-RRR

Dallas Dog-RRR is devoted to taking in as many dogs as possible, giving them the medical attention they need, and finding forever homes for them. To accomplish this, they primarily need donations, foster homes, and volunteers to help with tasks like transportation and paperwork.

If you feel compelled to support Dallas dogs and this honorable organization, there’s great news! Right now, North Texas Giving Day is matching all donations through September 22. It’s a great time to support Dallas Dog-RRR, and we’re proud to be a donor. If you’re interested in getting involved, we’ve linked more resources to support them in a variety of ways below.

Donate and have your donation matched by North Texas Giving Day:

Become a foster:

Become a volunteer:

Donate after September 22: