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Howard Anniversary Celebration: Alex

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We’re wishing a happy 1-year firm anniversary to Alex, a Howard Tax Analyst! We’ve had the pleasure of watching Alex grow from a student and intern to a full-time team member (pictured below). During this time, he’s proven to be thoughtful, reserved, and bright- more on that later! Read about his first year at Howard from his point of view below.

What’s your ‘and?’

(What keeps you feeling refreshed and rejuvenated outside the office?)

My ‘and’ is playing games, reading, and playing my guitar to unwind after a long day.

What’s your favorite memory from working at Howard?

When I was an intern and started to get to know all my peers, I had a super fun time joking around and having fun, asking each other questions, and trying to better ourselves. There was pretty much never a dull day once we got to know each other. 

Team member’s note: It’s a shame our interns don’t have any fun together! 🙂

How do you use the Howard values regularly in your role?

Some of the Howard values that I regularly use are ‘Practice Compassion,’ ‘Be Clear to be Kind,’ and ‘Take Others’ Perspective.’ These are intertwined because they relate to caring and connection, which are needed for better relationships within the firm and with clients. I do my best to be clear with my words but also apologize when I know I’ve made a mistake, and, to do that properly, I take into perspective what the other person might have been thinking.

Who is a fellow Howard team member that’s made a positive impact on you and how?

Holly Watkins is someone who has greatly influenced me. She is driven and caring, which has helped motivate me to pay more attention to clients and realize that they are much more than numbers on my screen. Many people at Howard have helped me during my career’s infancy, and I will always be thankful for their influence.

Team member’s note: Holly says that the Maya Angelou quote, “if one has courage, nothing can dim the light which shines from within,” reminds her of Alex. She thoroughly enjoys connecting with and coaching him, as he asks thoughtful questions to grow his knowledge and understanding of the nuances of tax. One of Holly’s favorite memories with Alex is when the pair discussed his transition from full time student to full time accountant – she saw a spark in his eye that told her he was ready for new challenges, independence, and growth.

How does working at Howard help you accomplish your personal and/or professional goals?

Howard has allowed me to experience many different things within the tax field. Every day we get to see something different, and we are constantly encouraged to learn because of this opportunity that Howard provides. I still have a lot to accomplish, but being exposed to many different things at the beginning of my career will help develop me professionally.


We’re honored to have Alex on our team – like Holly said, he really does shine. Thank you, Alex!