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International Women’s Day: Jennifer and Empowering the Women of Howard

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Today is International Women’s Day! Each year, this global holiday celebrates the achievements of women and acknowledges the progress that’s yet to be made in reaching gender equality. This is an especially important topic to consider in the historically male dominated accounting industry.

To shine light on the importance of empowering women inside and outside the workplace, we’re featuring Jennifer Petty, Howard Administrative Director!

Finding Purpose in Women’s Empowerment

First and foremost, Jennifer finds her purpose in empowering those around her, especially women. Uplifting others became a priority for Jennifer while she raised her three children. She aspired to instill a sense of independence, responsibility, and strength in them. Seeing her children grow into their confidence and power led Jennifer to the realization that she has the ability to assist others in building a strong foundation for themselves too.

In her professional life, Jennifer noticed that her female colleagues were often nervous to make big decisions, felt the need to justify themselves, and constantly apologized. This discovery prompted Jennifer to support her fellow women in the workplace by encouraging them to step into their strength.

Women’s Empowerment at Howard

Jennifer joined our team 2.5 years ago and has been following through on this passion ever since. She recognizes that accounting has typically been dominated by men and celebrates that we have many women in positions of leadership at Howard. She explains that women often are taught to be indirect and passive, so she encourages them to be straightforward, assertive, and stand firm in what they say and do while maintaining their authenticity. She supports her colleagues by helping them find their voice and the courage to accomplish their goals.

Jennifer makes a significant impact on women in a variety of roles at Howard, from staff and managers to directors and partners. Jennifer notes that Holly is a confident decision maker, Leisha is a steadfast collaborator, and Julia is a strong coach. She finds excitement in helping women make decisions and lead with confidence.

As the director of our Admin Team, Jennifer actively coaches our administrative professionals. From the moment they join the team, she lifts them up and challenges them to find their own strength. She has watched Admin Team members Emma and Taylor grow personally and professionally, becoming confident in the value they bring.


It’s wonderful to see Jennifer go above and beyond a job description by using her resources and skills to empower the women of Howard. She is a positive force on our team, and we can’t wait to see the impact she will continue to make. From Jennifer and our whole team, happy International Women’s Day!