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The Howard Heart of Texas Conference Room: The Backstory

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Amid all of the unknowns of 2020, our Howard Partners made the decision that we would move into a new office space. Their goal was to give us more room to grow as a firm, all while fostering community and teamwork. As more changes have surfaced throughout 2021 and 2022, we’ve made the new office our home.

When it came time to name our six new conference rooms, our leadership team wanted to give everyone a say. They asked our team to give input and suggest different themes for these new meeting spaces. We received a variety of amazing suggestions from our team members and picked our favorite five for everyone to vote on. The team elected to have a Texas theme throughout the new office, and our conference rooms are named Bluebonnet, Yellow Rose, Mockingbird, Longhorn, Mustang, and Heart of Texas.

It’s no secret why we chose the Bluebonnet, Yellow Rose, Longhorn, Mustang, and Mockingbird names. However, the Heart of Texas room has significant meaning to the firm, and we’d like to share that story.

The Meaning Behind the Heart of Texas Conference Room

The Partners had the idea to honor our founder, Jim Howard, with the Heart of Texas room. They recognized that Jim put his heart into building this firm from the ground up back in 1981. His dedication, consistency, and wisdom are what has made Howard the firm it is today. In the spirit of Jim’s commitment to our firm and its people, we named the conference room the “Heart of Texas” and dedicated it to him.

This is where the Texas theme comes in: the room is decorated with photographs of the Texas flag flying over the Capitol building in Austin, Texas on the day of the 40th anniversary of the firm’s creation. This day and these pictures hold so much meaning and represent Jim’s devotion to Howard’s clients and team members throughout the last four decades and counting.

The piece de resistance to the Heart of Texas conference room is the actual flag that flew over the capitol on that meaningful day. We have it proudly displayed along with a certificate of its authenticity. Our Partners came up with the plan to acquire the flag and photographs as a surprise for Jim, which makes it all the more special. Having meetings in this distinguished room is sentimental and reminds us that the work we do is more than just a job.

We’re happy we could share this special room and the meaning behind it. Lastly, we want to extend an extra thank you to Jim for all he continues to do for the firm today, 41 years later! Enjoy more pictures of the Texas flag flying over Austin featured in the room below.