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We wear our jeans to give back to our community!

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Dallas, Texas, January 2015 –  As our firm continues to grow, we have a responsibility to our community to give back a piece of what we receive, and the Howard, LLP team is aware of our increasing responsibility and is taking an active role in honoring it.

Starting January 30th, we are giving our team members the opportunity to join with us in actively supporting the elementary school across the street – Lee A. McShan Jr. Elementary School. As such, every last Friday of the month, our team members will have the opportunity to make a $5 cash donation to McShan Elementary School and wear their jeans to work. Lee A. McShan Jr Elementary School is an urban school with 589 students and many students are economically disadvantaged. In fact, 95.5% of students are receiving a free or discounted lunch. In 2014, the school ranked worse than 76.6% of elementary schools in Texas, and it is noted that these students perform well below the state average in passing test scores. This school needs our help! Therefore, the monetary donations will be used to purchase school supplies, materials, and assist with other general needs determined by the school since many of the children cannot afford supplies, books, clothes, etc.

Allowing jeans once a month is a sacrifice for our firm, as we appreciate proper “office” dress, and we know that $5 is a sacrifice for our team members.  However, we believe that together, our small sacrifices can make a huge difference in our fellow-Texans’ lives!