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Years of Service Celebration: Meet Drew!

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At the Howard office, we’re lucky to be greeted by the smiling faces of our Admin Team each and every morning. Administrative Specialist Drew is one of those team members that puts everyone in a good mood and consistently brings a positive energy to the office.. Today is Drew’s one-year anniversary with the firm, so join us in celebrating him with some Q&A about his passions and his first year with Howard!

What’s your ‘and?’

(What are your passions outside of work that keep you feeling fulfilled and rejuvenated?)

People – I really enjoy taking the time to get to know others and the process of building friendships. Bad jokes are a close second – anyone who has been around me long enough knows they are numerous and only get worse with time!

Team member’s note: we can confirm this is true, but we love Drew’s corny jokes!

What’s your favorite memory from working at Howard?

There was a couple who came into the office for a meeting, and as soon as they saw me, they began excessively complimenting me. They told me that I looked like I was straight out of Hollywood and that they would not be surprised if they saw me on TV in the near future. Regardless of the accuracy of these compliments, that interaction had to be the biggest confidence booster of my life.

Describe how you use one of the Howard values regularly in your role.

‘We over me’ has definitely been a big one. I really enjoy how my role has put me in a unique position to support the success of others around the firm. Personal achievement is great, but I have found a lot more fulfillment through helping others succeed. Having fun is another one. There are a lot of people who work very hard at this company, and I hope I have been able to help them keep it light with my (not so) cleverly worded emails.

Team member’s note: we can, once again, confirm this is true. Drew is a ray of sunshine!

How does working at Howard help you accomplish your personal and/or professional goals?

A consistent goal of mine in my early career has been to help others succeed, which is what my role allows me to do. My role would not exist without the trust of professionals around the firm and their commitment to continuous improvement. There are many people around the firm who are committed to building the best Howard we can be, and it is an honor to work with them.


We have loved getting to know Drew throughout the last year, and we look forward to many more cleverly worded emails and memories with him in the future! Thank you for all you do and happy Howard anniversary, Drew!!