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Years of Service Celebration: Meet Hector!

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Today we’re celebrating Hector- a Howard Tax Analyst who has officially been with us for one year! Hector has proven to be a team player who wants to make Howard the best firm we can be. We sincerely appreciate the impact he’s made in his first year here. Join us in thanking him by learning more about him below!

What’s your ‘and?’

(What are your passions outside of work that keep you feeling fulfilled and rejuvenated?)

I really enjoy traveling and exploring new places and cultures. I believe traveling helps us expand our perspectives, and it feels very refreshing after a period of intense work. I also like learning about investing and financial markets.

What is your favorite story from working at Howard?

One of my favorite assignments has been to conduct research because it has allowed me to search multiple sources to investigate a topic in depth, and then present the findings in a succinct manner.

How do you use one of the Howard values regularly in your role?  

As a Tax Analyst, attention to detail is an essential element. Carefully verifying that all the right information is entered appropriately is an everyday part of the tax preparation process.

Team member’s note: We can absolutely confirm that this is true. Hector is both reliable and diligent with his work and his peers!

How does working at Howard help you accomplish your personal and/or professional goals?

By constantly taking slightly more challenging tasks, I’ve been able to gradually increase my knowledge of tax law and become more familiar with the different tax entity types.


In just one year, Hector has become an invaluable member of our Howard team. The focus he puts into serving our clients and eagerness to help those around him doesn’t go unnoticed. Thank you for a wonderful first year, Hector!