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Years of Service Celebration: Meet Karin!

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Today is Karin’s one-year anniversary with Howard! As our Human Resources Director, Karin is a thoughtful communicator, a professional that puts her heart into her work, an amazing listener, a cheerleader for her peers, and an overall genuine and kind person. She has made a huge mark just within her first year at Howard, aiding in making our firm values a reality. Join us in celebrating Karin by learning more about her and what keeps her feeling motivated each day!


What’s your ‘and?’

(What are your passions outside of work that keep you feeling fulfilled and rejuvenated?)

Reading, gardening, DIY projects, crafting, and supporting my nephews in their various sporting events.

Team member’s note: Check out this adorable photo of Karin and her nephew below!

What is your favorite story from working at Howard?

I have so many, as even on the really busy days, there’s always a great conversation or something good comes out of the day, even the hard ones! One of my favorites came after I completed our revised job postings to incorporate our updated competencies and focus on who we wanted to hire, not just the skills they have. After one of the partners reviewed the updates, they asked where they could apply! It was then I knew that what we were working towards as a firm was something very special, and I knew I had made the right choice in joining.

How do you use one of the Howard values regularly in your role?

The work I do has the opportunity to affect everyone at the firm, so I’m very conscious of putting “we over me.” I’m always looking for ways to promote inclusion and to help our team realize that they’re part of something bigger.

How does working at Howard help you accomplish your personal and/or professional goals?

I have never felt more empowered than I have during this past year. If I fall short or fail, it’s not the end of the world. I’m encouraged to try new ideas and explore new ways of doing things, without fear, because as long as I’m learning from the experience, I grow. Every day I push myself further, and I’m fortunate enough to have a team that pushes and challenges me professionally to be creative and innovative with my work.

Team member’s note: We can confirm that Karin is always looking for new ways to make the firm a better place. She looks out for her fellow team members and strives to ensure everyone has the best experience possible at Howard. We are very thankful for her dedication and eagerness to learn!


Congratulations on your first year with us, Karin! We appreciate your direction, insight, and purpose-driven work. Here’s to many more years of growing together!