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Years of Service Celebration: Meet Rebecca!

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Happy June! With a new month comes more team member milestones to celebrate. Today we have the pleasure of honoring Rebecca’s one-year anniversary with Howard! An audit analyst who started as a Howard intern, Rebecca is a genuine friend and co-worker known for investing in the people around her. Learn more about her with some Q&A Below!


What’s your ‘and?’

(What are your passions outside of work that keep you feeling fulfilled and rejuvenated?)

I enjoy spending time with family and friends and watching a good crime show. I also enjoy getting to explore new places! 

Team member’s note: check out this amazing picture of Rebecca at Horseshoe Bend while on a trip exploring the Grand Canyon and National Zion Park!

What is your favorite story from working at Howard?

My favorite memory of Howard is when the entire firm came together to determine our values. I loved how we collectively created a list of who we are and how we continue to implement those values.

How do you use one of the Howard values regularly in your role?

I personally identify with the “caring” value, specifically assuming positive intent. As a fairly new team member, I request and receive a large amount of feedback. Remembering that we are a team working together to better serve our clients helps me maintain an attitude set on learning and doing my job well.

Team member’s note: Not only is Rebecca caring, but she’s also known for having a heart for serving others, always going above and beyond for her fellow teammates and our clients. We are lucky to have her!

How does working at Howard help you accomplish your personal and/or professional goals?

I honestly never considered accounting as a career in the past. When playing around with the idea in college, I came across Howard and immediately was drawn to the team culture and attitude. Joining the Howard team has allowed me to learn how to think critically and apply knowledge I gained in school in a practical way. The audit leadership team pushes me to excel in my work and career in general, including working towards my CPA license!


Thank you so much for a wonderful first year at Howard, Rebecca! We’re looking forward to making more memories with you and hearing about your adventures to new places for years to come.