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Years of Service Celebration: Meet Tammy!

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It’s no secret that, without our fabulous team members, what we do would not be possible. The time and energy each person puts in to giving our clients the absolute best service is highly appreciated and never goes unnoticed. To recognize our team’s contributions in the office and honor their passions outside of work, we’ll be sharing their stories to celebrate their anniversaries with the firm. Join us in congratulating our incredible team as they reach important milestones at Howard!

First up – Tammy! About a month ago, Tammy celebrated her one year as a Member of our Client Accounting Services team. Let’s get to know Tammy and learn about her time at Howard with some Q&A!

What’s your ‘and?’

(What are your passions outside of work that keep you feeling fulfilled and rejuvenated?)

Listening to live music outside and spending time with family and friends.

What is your favorite story from working at Howard?

No matter what your title is or how long you’ve been here, everyone appreciates each other. It really does feel like a team effort. Another thing that really resonates with me is how the company cares about their people and seems to boost morale on a regular basis by bringing in lunches, planning outings, little gifts like our Values cups, and truly offers a flexible work/life balance by allowing us to work remotely if we need to.

How do you use one of the Howard values regularly in your role?

I feel like I am always engaged by doing my best and doing what needs to be done. I’ve gotten feedback from some of the partners that they appreciate my following up and even keeping them accountable. My mindset is work smarter not harder by creating solutions that produce the same outcome with all the intricate details that can take up so much valuable time.

How does working at Howard help you accomplish your personal and/or professional goals?

Howard allows me to grow and learn by asking others for help when necessary and provides awesome tools (such as those offered by the BDO Alliance). I personally feel more productive and confident when I don’t have someone overlooking my every move. Nobody’s perfect, but I strive to always do my best in my job, and I am very grateful for any feedback I get from managers, partners, and colleagues.


Thank you so much, Tammy, for your first year of service at Howard! We’re lucky to have someone as bubbly and kind as you on our team with us. Here’s to another year!